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Here is an in depth look at my latest Techie project. For those of you who know me, you can appreciate this. Enjoy the pictures and story, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

**** Version # 3 is together, check out link below ****

The original thought:

1) When you have a car that has 302,000 miles on it, you aren't really afraid of messing it up.

2) You want to build a car computer

3) When you want to experiment, why not use something your aren't afraid of messing up.


The project:

Take my 1988 Honda and put a full blown PC in it. Computer needs to be fast (doesn't need to be water-cooled like the home unit, as I won't be over-clocking it). Needs to be able to run multiple programs at once. Needs to interface with car stereo head unit. Must have DVD and TV. Big hard drive mandatory. Needs to be voice controlled. GPS with voice commands. No mouse or keyboard. Needs to be able to share interface cards with my laptop. Need to be upgradeable. Needs to be contained inside the dash.


Version 2


The New thought:

1) I need to go faster

2) I need a cool car

3) I want a professional looking install


The project:

Take my new car and get the computer fully functional. Connect an OBDII scan tool and software, then the stand alone fuel management system, add various other electronics, a turbo and nitrous, and lets have some fun.

Version 3

Antennas used in this project

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