My Car Computer (2004-2010)

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Car Computer 2004-2010 Install Pictures

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Crank Evac System and Theory

Older Install Pics from Prior Vehcles


The new car    


Stock Interior                                           



Start of install              Framing all done           Wires and cables attached



Trunk install complete  Case with Gamma 28   Starting cover for case
                                     fans installed 


Holes and signal cut     Case lit up                    With cover on out at night



In the day time             With the top cover on   Buttons to turn lights on


400 w Pioneer amp       Finished cover with inverter moved

                                     under amp



This is what I cut off    Lilliput frame epoxied   Back Side epoxied in
of monitor                    in



Direction of ribbon cables to help with              Monitor being installed in bezel
reconnecting correctly



Back of switches , and   PCB board attached     Board mounted in bezel
board (used cd rom       (notice mother board 
for the support  piece)   stands for spacing 
                                      and support)


These worked great, 
another of my  better 
designs. Attached one     
to each corner and 
then connected all       Here are my adapters 
four together with       connected, and the       This is the setup from 
one big zip tie              board in place              the side 


The back side                Close up showing zip   The finished product
                                     ties connected   



XP up and running          My main screen          The audio player


Picture of system with Radiator running            


Starting on DVD           Back Side                     From the underside

CDRW Install into
lower dash 


Back side w/ IDE/USB   Front view with             Bottom side showing

adapter                        fiberglass cover            USB 2.0 plug installed  

Top part attached to     Back side                       Installing back in car

lower part


All finished except for repainting face of DVD player to match



Finished Shots (no, it will never really be finished, always something to change)


Bat Mobile in the           Finished interior          Trunk install completed
Batcave, Yes the Bat                                                  no lost space 
Signal is painted on  
the wall !




Finished inside shot (other than painting DVD cover)
with FrodoPlayer running

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