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04/04/2008  Been working on the car lately. Blew the head gasket 3/7/2008 on my way home. Oh well, time to freshen it up before the T4 goes on. Have new ACL Bearings for mains and rods, new Wiseco rings, new Toga Oil Pump, new Water Pump, Comp Cams Valve Springs, Z10 Crankcase Evacuation fittings and PVC Plug, New Aluminum Radiator, FelPro Head Gasket, 1 mm over Ferrea Intake and Exhaust Valves, etc.....  Did a good hone job on the cylinder, now  just waiting for the head to get back from the head guy. Gonna install Stage 2 of the Nitrous System in the factory intake manifold. Should be capable of 200hp. Stage 1 is already at 75hp. Both systems are wet. 



01/01/2008 Got the intercooler on. Moved the A/C Condenser to the front side of the radiator core support. Made custom hoses for the A/C. Now I have lots of room to install the T4. Had to cut out some of the core support in order to have room for the intercooler piping. Pretty slick seeing the Radiator, A/C Condenser and Intercooler all on at the same time.



10/01/2007  Where to start......Cars Been driving great. Last October car was in a hail storm, had $2,800 worth of damage. Got that fixed in December by one of the dent removal places. Great Job. In the 1st week of January, a big ole' truck pulled across three lanes of traffic and hit me in the driver side door and front fender. The black marks looked like I had been Nextel Cup racing. Any way, after that I ordered in the Cervini's Sniper body kit. It sat in the basement until the weather got better in April. Brought it out and started the transformation. Did some modifications to their rocker panels. Didn't like the fit. Everything else was a direct bolt on to the factory locations. Supposed to be going in for paint in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Also added a Gates Blue Racing Timing Belt and a set of red AEM Adjustable Cam Pulleys.



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