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12/28/2014 -
All in all it has been a very good year for the Civic. Upgraded many parts, made more power, made it to the track, and spent many an evening hanging out at the Newark garage with people from the Newark Car Scene. More parts to change, upgrades to make and passes down the track to come. Stay tuned as I move the car to E85, install the LSD and build more power. This year was fun.

12/25/2014 - What better place to store your home made Cream Puffs and Yule Log than in the Honda refrigerator in the garage, right next to the Nitrous Bottle and new VictorX Manifold.

12/14/2014 - Clutch has been acting up since I put the trans back in. **Note to self, when trans is out, always check the clutch**. Got to the point where it wouldn't slip when starting out unless you were at 2,500 rpm or higher.  Driving and shifting had no problem.  Holds power fine and shifts smooth, just the starting out on/off issue. Was planning on rebuilding the Tilton Twin Disc in January, but it beat me to it. So took it out and the disc closest to the flywheel is below spec at .264. The other disc is at .272 (minimum thickness is .268). So, measured all my old clutch discs and found two that were above spec (one was at .272 and the other at .274). Put everything back together and bled the throwout bearing. Clutch still fells good and starting out is fine when its cold. As soon as it gets warm it goes back to the on/off situation. Still driveable, just feel like a ricer reving it to start out at a stop light. New clutch being ordered next month. This clutch issue messed up my business trip to visit my car dealers. Not gonna take it and break down though.


12/06/2014 - Took the Civic over to the shop yesterday to pull the GSR trans and put in the LS 5th. Not a big deal. Had to pull 5th off of the B16 S4C trans I started to build. Popped it in the GSR and off we went. Don't know whether its good or bad that it only took me 2 1/2 hours.

11/16/2014 - In the procession to deliver the Cruise For Tots toys to the local childrens shelter. There were probably 75 to 100 cars. This was a good cause, and I was happy to be part of it. FYI...the white marks on the edge of my hood scoop are a reminder to always check your hood pins are in. Learned that last summer. Being escorted by the police is a lot more fun than being chased, well, maybe not.

10/18/2014 - An intersting look from inside the Old Licking County Jail during one of the public Ghost Hunts.

09/25/2014 - She is home.

09/17/2014 - What was supposed to be a simple head gasket change became a major problem. Spent the last 3 days trying to get the head off. Had everything disconnected and just needed to remove the ARP head nuts. All went well until the very last one in the center front decided to not cooperate. Spent 2 1/2 days on it till I finally got it cut off. Tried welding a nut on, grinding it off and drilling. Finally drilled down throught the allen bolt hole, then used a porting burrto grind it real thin from the inside. A couple smacks with a BFH and a cold chisel and it popped off. Only real problem was that the burr put a grind mark in my new valve springs, so had to replace it. Thank goodness for having extra ARP studs and nuts, and Ferrea valve springs in stock.


09/07/2014 - Picked up another GSR block. Brought it home in the back of the Civic. Found a good deal and had to grab it. Not sure if I want to sleeve this one. or send out for CSS. Time will tell.


09/03/2014 - Well, head gasket again. Going to lower boost as per Pro-Car and add a boost contoller. Found one that is controlled by my AEM EMS, so I can run boost by gear. Also working out logistics of a secondary fuel system. Want pump gas for daily driving and lower expense, but really need higher octane when under high boost. Going to install a stand alone secondary fuel system with E85. Will have the AEM drive the primary ID1000's for the pump gas up to a predetermined boost level. Then shut of the primary injectors and start injecting E85 using the secondary ID2000's. Best of both worlds. Should be fun. Still need to get my MFactory LSD, Speed Factory Shifter Assembly, DSS half shaft, and Insane Shafts axles. When this thing comes together its going to be unbelievable.

08/31/2014 - At the garage. Everyone heading to Mexico to see whose car runs the best. Me, well sitting out. Having cooling issues and overflow from the tank.


08/23/2014 - Boo Boo All Gone. Back on the road. Going to see Jamie Johnson with Ryan tonight. Hope I don't lose a turbo again.

08/22/2014 - Guess what was wrong with the axles.



08/20/2014 - Made the first trip to National Trails Raceway since 1994. Was a nice night. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Got there an hour later than I wanted due to phone issues at my office. Stopped and got some Turbo Blue race fuel and headed to the track. This was the first time I have had the Civic on the track.

The car sounds real different with a helmet on. Had never really tried to launch the car on the street, so there was some learning going on with this too.

First pass left the street pressure in my tires (45 lb), spun off the line, then bogged a little, then accelerated hard. Went to shift into second and missed the gear. Have been having shifting problems with the synchros in this trans, going to change trans fluid back to B&M Trick Shift, have always had good luck with it. Anyway, double clutched it and was able to get into 2nd gear, got back on throttle and finished run. Need to learn to drive this on the track. Ran a 15.70 E/T, but ran a 101.39 mph trap speed. The 101.39 equates to a low 13 second pass with  2.75 60 foot, and a missed shift. Once I get dialed in it will go into 12's pretty easily without even running any of the nitrous.

Went back out for the second round and had a bye. Had lowered tire pressure down to 25 lb and came of line at 3000 rpm. Immediately broke aan axle. Had to be pushed off track and had to be towed home.




08/19/2014 - Picked up my car from Pro-Car on 8/16. Tune came out real good and drivability is much improved. However, I am not happy with dyno numbers.
Had Chris from Pro-Car send me a copy of the dyno sheet showing horsepower and torque. First, their dyno will not give you an inflated number. They use the dyno for maximizing the tune not to impress you. With that said, other dynos in the area show a 25% to 30% higher number than Pro-Car. The question becomes "Do you want a big number", or "Do you want an optimized tune"? I love the service they provide and am very happy with the tunes I receive from them. Now, with my dyno graph you can see the car made 225 hp at 6100 rpm and was running 19 lb boost. There was a big dip and then hit high number of 229.2 hp at about 6900 rpm. They stoped the pull because 19 lb of boost requires more octane than the Speedway pump gas could handle. They notices some pinging about 6100 rpm and were not happy with it . With all the head work, cams, and the T4, car isbuilt to run strong in the 6000 to 9200 rpm range. Will put race gas in it next time its tuned so they can do a full pull with it.


07/30/2014 - Well, this was a cluster. Had head off the car and on the bench in about an hour. Cleaned everything up and reinstalled. Apparently a head dowell got in a little crooked and kept the back side of the head from sealing with the gasket. Dumped about 2 quarts of oil on the floor in matter of a minute. Had to take back apart and replace gasket. Checked everything, new Mr Gasket head gasket and put her back together. Torqued down to 95 ft lb. and everything is fine. Now to get her up to Pro-Car for tune on 08/02/2014. Looking at old head it was way too rich.



                  This is the old head that came off the car. As you can see, was way too rich.


07/19/2014 - Tomorrow is D Day. Head is done and going on.

07/12/2014 - Just picked up the start of my fuel hanger set up from Kevin Ault. Gonna go big with fuel system over next couple months. -10 feed, 08 return. Going with an external Weldon pump soon. Hello race fuel, E85, or whatever the hell else I want to run.


07/09/2014 - Here it is. All done and ready to go on. New Ferrea valves, springs, retainers, seals and locks, along with the new guides, seats, and port work. Can't wait to get it on.

06/27/2014 - More cylinder head goodness from John.


05/24/2014 - Just some pretty pictures after she is all cleaned up.


05/08/2014 - Was over at Loughman Automotive yesterday looking at the heads John is working on. He has two of my heads there right now. Getting new bronze guides, 1mm over seats, and major port work. Can't wait to see what they flow.


05/05/2014 - Yesterdays project at the shop - Get the clutch stop finished and set up. Bolted a steel plate to the firewall, so no chance of pushing through. Got it adjusted. I like the set up.

04/29/2014 - Well, must have hurt head gasket with the timing issues and backfires, car runs good as long as I stay below 12lb boost. If I go to full boost (16lb) it blows compression into the coolant system and bubble out the over flow. John at Loghman Automotive has been working on a couple heads for me.  Have to be gentle with her till they are done.

04/23/2014 - Drove her home today. Finally got my Blackworks Pro Series LCA's and Camber Kit this week. Handles real nice. Next thing will be new struts. Got the COP Setup on. had some problems getting it started. Numerpus backfires because of timing issues. After a couple calls to AEM tech got it all figured out. Had been told by there first tech the wrong place to hook power wire for the EPM. After we figured that out, fired right up. Set timing and driving it.


04/11/2014 - On 02/15/2014 I started on an adventure. Replaced all suspension bushings with an Energy Suspension kit. Replaced the left rear caliper that caused all the trouble. Ceramic painted all brake parts. Repalced front wheel lugs with extended ARP wheel studs. Relaced all four wheel bearings. Replacesd all upper and lower ball joints. Replaced all tie rod end links. Replaced the rear compnsator arm bushings with pieces from Prothane. Did I mention how many of the freakin bolts broke and caused my headaches. Too many to count. I hate suspension work. Also put in the replacement Tilton parts and replaced two gears in my B16 S4c trans. Put a GSR 4th in it, and an LS 5th. Now just need the LSD. Going with a MPower in near future and swapping back to my S4C. But, have the GSR trans for now. Updates to the S4C will be in future. While waiting for suspension parts I started working on nitrous setup. Should be bad.  75 hp wet stage 1 and a 239 hp dry stage 2. Alex welded the aluminum bungs onto the intake for me and then I tapped and installed the system with custom distribution manifold. Also port matched the intake to the throttle body. Ordered a Weldon fuel pressure regulator to go on, and made a bulkhead adpter plate where my fuel/return/nitrous lines can meet to separate the lines in the engine compartment from the underside.


02/02/2014 - While this thing is down bought a GSR trans to run it in. Been working on the clutch stystem. When I took it apart and mic'd everything the Tilton Twin Disc was out of spec. Ordered new floaters, clutch discs, and a hydraulic throw out bearing kit. Didn't like the normal set up. Wanted some way to seperate lines when trans needs to come out. So, developed this. I think its pretty sweet.


01/20/2014 - Todays adventure - make a clutch stop and get the pedal back in the car. Came out pretty good.


01-06-2014 - Things were goin along well unitl I got stranded at 161 and Maple Canyon in Columbus. Was taking my son home December 30th and car was running good. Had been having a problem with my left rear brake hanging up, pumping the brakes, or just driving would cause it to break loose. Except for this time. Stopped for gas at a Speedway near 161 and Karl Ave. When pulling in the brakes were acting funny. After getting gas the brakes were still grabbing when I pulled away. Got stopped by a red light at the corner of Maple Canyon and 161. When the light turned green I release the clutch on the car died. Did it a couple more times same thing. Gave it a little gas and heard "snap". Now car won't even try to move. Had to call tow truck to bring me home. After getting it to the shop learned that I broke the passenger side CV Joint, snapped the half shaft and tore a tooth of the spider gear in the diff. Another weak link found. And the cause....the brake master cylinder locked, pressure would not release this caused all the wheels to be completely locked up. It would not release until I cracked open the lines. With the brakes fully locked and engine torque applied, things snapped.


12/21/2013 - Got the new turbo on. Decided to go with a GodSpeed 62mm. Has a .68 hot / .70 cold. Still have the 15lb spring in the wastegate. Real happy with set up. Fits a lot better than the smaller turbo.


12/10/2013 - Yes, this is a daily driven street car. Fun in the snow.

11/12/2014 - Decided to rework my exhaust. Trying some different ways to keep it quiet. Settled on a couple different Car Chemistry in pipe baffles. made a huge difference. Tried open pipe, on baffle and 3 baffle set ups. One baffle seems to give me the best performance / sound trade off.


10/07/2013 - Spent the majority of the summer rewiring all my accessories and replacing the dash. Put in 18 additional circuits in 3 fuse blocks to control everything and wired a nice harness before putting the dash back in. Between vacations, parties and normal life, my car has been worked on randomly. All together and back on road now. First picture below is June 15th, second is October 7th. 2013.


06/12/2013 - Oops. Had a little problem on 37 while taking Arika down to SC for her graduation get away. Some idiot, no name mentioned, forgot to put the hood pins in. Biggest problem is the dash got cut.


05/11/2013 - Went to Dayton with my son to see Jamie Johnson. On way home pushing a little harder than I should have and turbo destroyed itselt. Back to N/A for a while.

04/19/2013 - Picked my car up after having it tuned. Using my Rajay turbo it pushed 16 lb of boost and made 176.4 hp and 149 lb/ft of torque. Runs good. Not too shabby for the first attempt at turbocharging.


04/11/2013 -  Down pipe made, down pipe and manifold ceramic coated, blanket and filter on. Ready for 1st turbo tune at Pro-Car


03/23/2014 - More Manifold magic


03/10/2013 -
Car is running good N/A, but its time for some boost. Alex from BP Autosports is using my car as a proto-type for his B-Series manifolds. Manifold must retain air and power sterring. Here is a look at the alignment of parts and the mock up using my Rajay turbo from 1984



02/22/2013 - Had the Civic up to Pro-Car Associates in Akron for the 1st tune. Gotta remember the car is built with a high lift, short duration cam and 8.6:1 Wiseco pistons running no boost at this point. Car made 110.4 hp and 108.1 lb ft torque. Right in line with other B18C1's factory numbers according to many websites.

02/10/2013 - Finally got everything back together. Faught this thing for six weeks. Three sets of main and rod bearings later oil pressure is great and everything is running fine. Problem with no oil pressure was user error. When I installed the oil sandwich plate it spun on an aditional 180 degress. This caused pressurized oil flowing backwards into the oil filter, and the valve stopped oil circulation. Swapped lines around, another new set of bearings, and all is good.
Still have the turbo bypass pipe on. Going to get it up for a tune next weekend. Will see where  the starting point is.

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