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2015 - 2016


09/10/2016 - A teaser of what's to come.....it is up at BP Autosports having Alex work his magic.



03/24/2016 - Got the remote filter mounted and wrapped up some odds and ends. Ready to haul it up to Alex to finish the intercooler fabrication. Just waiting for the call when he has some room to get it into his shop.



03/19/2016 - Got my new Edelbrock Victor X back from being port. John Loughman from Loughman Automotive took care of the grinding. Port matched the Throttle body flange to match my 70mm throttle body, and worked his magic gasket matching the runners. This thing should flow. Alex Lindner from BP Autosports had done some of the welding on this. Just have to finish tapping the one nitrous fitting and I am good to go. The big port in picture #2 is for my vacuum block.


Also got the Jegs Pro Stock Radiator back from Alex. He welded some bracketry to the side of the radiator so I can mount my A/C condenser.



02/28/2016 - A recap..



02/27/2016 - Have been working on getting the headlights mounted, along with the hood pins. It all lines up pretty good.


And it fits pretty good for having cut everything out.




01/23/2016 - Had the Civic outside this morning letting her get a breath of fresh air. Brought her back in and continued working on the structure. Trying to wrap this up so I can get it up to Alex at BP Autosports to have the intercooler custom fabricated.


and...back to work




01/20/2016 - Got some more of the structure together. Even got the license plate mounted.




01/10/2016 - Test fitting the radiator, A/C condenser, and intercooler location.


Making sure it all fits.



01/02/2016 - Starting to get the fender and bumper cover supports built.


Yes, I do build them with tight clearences!


This is how the front end is coming together.



12/30/2015 - More fabrication....and Happy New Year.




12/27/2015 - Getting an idea where the intercooler will fit and mounting the lower core support bar.





12/19/2015 - Getting the bumper started and the lower core support frame. Bought a bigger tubing bender to handle this. Trying to get as much done as possible. Christmas is next week and I won't have much time to get over here.




12/16/2015 - Starting to build the front end.



12/12/2015 - Today's starting point. Lets make sure its level.


Getting the strut supports cut and mounted.


Well darn it. The bars for the traction bars are too short, barely screwed on. I will need to fabricate those too.



12/09/2015 - More work on the traction bars mounts. K-Tuned and the other manufacturers say that their bars won't work on a 1999-2000 SI. Custom mounts have to be fabricated for the lower control arms to make them work. I had to make custom mounts for the front too. Actually moved the mount point forward about 1 1/2". Well, here we go.




Got my Vibrant Intercooler Core and some Jegster Chassis parts.



11/29/2015 - Lets start by making the mounts for the K-Tuned Traction Bars. Fabricate it on the bench, and then tack it on.



11/14/2015 - And so it begins. Out with the old, in with the new. I decided I need more room for the 66mm Borg Warner Turbo and Custom Intercooler that I am having built for the Civic. So lets get cutting. 




11/11/2015 - Just got my pistons back. I had sent them to Calico Coatings to have the tops ceramic coated, and the sides teflon coated. They came back looking real good.



10/31/2015 - Was at the shop today working on fabrication of my fuel cell. Cut a hole in the inner trunk sidewall to allow the filler door to be used with the new cell. After looking at location, and mounting issues I decided not to do an auxiliary tank in the trunk do to complexity issues. I want to keep the spare tire which means the cell is mounted inside the trunk behind the rear seat. This causes problems  with the fuel filler tube having to come in too low to keep a downward slope. Going to modify the OEM tank to fit a bigger pump. 


10/11/2015 - Removed the gas tank from the Civic. Going to go to bigger pump. Pictures of the gas tank, no reason, just for reference. Also got the Skunk2 Upper Control Arms on.




10/09/2015 - Its getting real. Crank and rods hot tanked. Rods resized. Crank journals polished. Picked up my new Victor X Manifold. Wiseco pistons with Tool Steel Wristpins ordered. Final two 95 durometer Innovative motor mount bushings ordered. Skunk2 Control Arms ordered. K-Tuned Traction Bar ordered. Lots to do over the winter.


09/27/2015 - Back over here. Decided to pull the motor and build it stronger. We will see where this goes.




09/24/2015 - Intake manifold welded bung and ready.



09/21/2015 - Came over to the shop to finish up the head gasket. While cleaning everything for re-assembly found that my cams were wiped. End of story for today. That definitely puts a monkey wrench into getting this thing tuned at this point.



09/20/2015 - First things first. Need to get a bung welded in for my vacuum block.


Next...Pull the cylinder head and check it out. Definitely coolant leakage and blown head gasket. Cylinder liners are moving around from too much boost and damaging the head gasket.


And...on to suspension. Have to get the Konis on and ride height set.


Finally....Installed all the 95 durometer motor mount busings.


09/19/2015 - Yay! Got my Koni Yellows and Ground Control shocks and springs. Dropped the Civic off at the shop a couple days ago. Trying to get it ready for a road trip to Kentucky to see Eric Jarvis for a tune.  Tomorrow I am heading to the shop to get these on, replace my head gasket, and a few other odds and ends. The sealer has lasted a couple months, but I don't want to chance it.



09/16/2015 - General layout of a B series transmission.


07/26/2015 - Well, that was a trip. Left the house on the 07/23/2015 to head to Bethany Beach, Delaware for my nephews wedding. Just as I crossed the West Virginia / Maryland border on I-68 the Cadillac died. Felt like the trans was having problems. Called my daughter, she picked up my Jeep and  drove down to rescue me. Towed the Cadillac home and finally got back at 02:32am on the 24th. Didn't have any time to prep the Civic for the trip, checked tires and oil and was back on the road the next morning. Had fun running through the mountains with a Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V, Maserati and another Civic. Made real good time, but just as I was coming into town the car started to miss a little. Noticed the temp gauge was rising too. Hurt the head gasket again. Headed over to the local Carquest and picked up some K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair. Didn't like putting the sealer in the car, but had to get 500 miles back to Granville. It worked great. Made it home fine. I was even running low boost through the mountains with no trouble. I will see how long this last. 




07/10/2015 - Picked up another S4C transmission. Adding to the collection.


07/05/2015 - All cleaned up and heading out to the car meet at Dillon Park with Brenda.






07/04/2015 - Fiberglass and epoxy fun with the nitrous / line-lock buttons





06/29/2015 - Tweaking the tune


06/25/2015 - Lets see what happened. Broke The passenger side axle.



And... broke the drivers side axle too. 


Back together and meeting the boys at Kohls


06/24/2015 - At National Trails in the staging lanes getting ready to run this thing.


Well dammit. That was short lived. Broken Axles at the 330' mark.



06/21/2015 - Playing with the nitrous / line-lock buttons again. Still have to make the cover to finish it. Just test fitting right now.



06/16/2015 - Well, well, well !  Parts are here for the trans. Lets get this cleaned, built, and go racing.



Diff built and bearings pressed on.

Now lets build the gear sets and close it up.





06/07/2015 - Have been working on a switch for my line-lock and nitrous. Going to mount it on the blinker lever if it works out. Made it out of aluminum. Next step is to make a plastic or fiberglass case for it.



04/26/2015 - All pulled apart and inspected. Time to spend some money and rebuild it right.



04/08/2015 - Picked up some ID1000s. So ready to get this part started.


03/25/2015 - Got my new Speed Factory Shift Change Assembly in. Here is the difference between an OEM SCA and the Speed Factory one. Its supposed to replace the worn out OEM ones that bend and cause internal shifting problems.



03/22/2015 - On to the next part of the project. Lets rip this B16 S4C trans apart and see what we need to replace. Have some sloppy shifting going on and a little grind going into 2nd gear.


03/14/2015 - Trying to figure out what to do with my fuel system. Want to go E85. Looking at putting a seperate fuel system in, lines, injectors, secondary fuel rail, secondary tank, etc... Have been working on the prototype.


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